Thursday, 17 August 2017

New Repository: Python Graphs!

I have a new repo on my github: Python-Graphs. There are just few very basic graph algorithms; in fact variations of one, say, Any First Search.

def afs(g, s):
    bag = data_structure()
    while bag is not empty:
        tile = bag.pop()
        if tile is not marked:
            for x in adj_list(tile):

Depends what is plugged as a data_structure, we have dfs, bfs, or Minimum Spanning Tree algorithm, with some modification, of course. For example using data structure LIFO stack we have Depth First Search:

def dfs(g, v):
    if v is not marked:
        for w in adj_list(v):
            dfs(g, w)

FIFO stack gave as Breadth First Search, etc..
Amount of problems which can be solved using graphs is huge, we even say: "If you have problem and can make graph from it, do it and problem solved":). Code as usually on github. Thats all, thank you, enjoy!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Java Rational

Hi all, I had an idea: create Rational, Bigrational and Complex(not done yet) classes in Java to allow exact computation  - get rid of rounding errors. Rational can be initialized in various ways, for example using String; after the end of the computation, there are toDecimal methods, to print result as a decimal or BigDecimal in the case of BigRational. Ther is no overflow check, so we have to make a decision which class to use. Code as usually on github. Enjoy!